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Timothy Walton provides both litigational and transactional services for individuals and businesses that use the Internet. He has sued spammers, frauds, cheats, and liars. Those companies wishing to operate within the laws can engage the consulting services of Mr. Walton, including web site review and web policy statements, as well as click-wrap agreements and copyright registration. Timothy Walton also represents business and individuals in administrative hearings such as WIPO disputes over domain names.

Domain Names - Timothy Walton has expertise in disputes over domain name registration.

Copyright & Trademark - Timothy Walton has expertise in disputes over copyright & trademark registration.

Spam Advice - Timothy Walton has experience with spam email litigation.

Junk Fax Advice - Timothy Walton has experience with junk fax litigation.

Litigation/Representation - Timothy Walton can help you protect your website or web-based business.

Business Advice - Timothy Walton advises companies that do business on the internet.







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