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My name is Timothy Walton and I am an attorney licensed to practice law by the State of California. You can verify this, as well as check my official record, at

I am licensed only in California. I am an associate with the Silicon Valley firm Pierce & Shearer LLP and I practice in California state courts and federal courts located within the state of California. I do not seek to represent anyone based solely on a visit to a web site.

Over the past five years I have litigated numerous disputes relating to the Internet, including several of the first class actions for spam. In Ferguson v. Friendfinder, Inc., a California appellate court has ruled that states have the legal right to regulate commercial email.


Tired of junk email? Learn how to file a lawsuit against advertisers that use your personal resources to line their own pockets.

Take a Spammer to Court

Trademarks / Domain Names

If you want to buy or sell a domain name, or if you have received a cease and desist letter from a purported trademark owner, I can help.


I prepare web site policies, AKA terms of service, for California companies selling products over the Internet.

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