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Timothy Walton is an attorney licensed to practice law by the State of California. You can verify this fact, and check his official record, by clicking here.  Mr. Walton practices in California state courts and Federal courts located within the state of California, as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Timothy Walton has been practicing law since 1996, and he has been actively advising clients and litigating Internet disputes since 1999.

If you are in need of representation in court or general legal advice regarding the law surrounding use of the Internet and other computer networks, Timothy Walton may be able to help. Mr. Walton is one of the pioneers in the Internet field of law practice. He has been litigating disputes relating to the Internet, including several of the first class actions involving spam, for over twelve years. In one of Mr. Walton's cases, Ferguson v. Friendfinder, Inc., a California appellate court ruled that states have the legal right to regulate commercial email.

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